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Learn How to Clean Freezers Effectively

Blog / June 23, 2015

Most people clean their refrigerator on a weekly or monthly basis, but the freezer is rarely cleaned. While the freezer may not be subject to the harsh conditions that the refrigerator is, it’s still a pretty messy place that should be cleaned regularly.

If you haven’t cleaned out the freezer in a few months now’s probably a good time to tackle the task to stop any unpleasant odors in their tracks. Cleaning a freezer properly isn’t a very difficult task, and learning how to do it can help keep your appliance in good shape while making it more enjoyable to use. 

It’s all about the preparation, learn how to clean freezers properly and you’ll enjoy a quick and easy cleaning process each time.

Prepare Properly

Start off the cleaning project by removing everything from the box and putting it in another freezer whenever possible. If you only have one freezer place your food in a cooler with ice instead, or rely on the refrigerator for a short time instead if you must.

With the food out you should remove any drawers, ice trays and shelves and leave the freezer open and power it down for a few hours to give it time to defrost completely.

Scrub the Shelves

After pulling out all the shelves and food you’ll have to wait for the freezer to warm up before you can begin cleaning it. Use dish washing liquid on a sponge or rag to thoroughly clean each of the shelves that you removed from the freezer. Get them as clean as you can and then rinse off all the soap thoroughly before placing them to dry.

Remove Loose Items

To start cleaning the freezer quickly looks through it for any loose food or items that may have spilled. Pick them all up as you go and throw them away. These are all items that will get in the way while you’re scrubbing. Grab a small bowl or cup to put these items in if there is a large amount of it that you have to get to.

Scrub Clean

Make up a small bucket of all-purpose cleaner diluted in water and use both a rag and an old toothbrush to clean the interior of the freezer. Take care to remove any caked on food and use the brush to get in any crevices around the interior.

Go slowly and scrub away anything that doesn’t look like it belongs in the freezer. After all the noticeable stains are removed wipe down the entire interior to get anything that you may have missed. It’s important to clean off every surface to keep additional food and debris from building up.


When you’ve finished scrubbing the entire interior of your freezer go back through with a damp cloth that’s been soaked in plain water and wipe down all the surfaces once again. Rinse the cloth a few times before you finish wiping the surfaces to help remove any cleaner that’s built up on the rag.

This process is crucial for removing any of the cleaner residues that have been left behind on the surfaces. Cleaner can make the freezer sticky if left behind and has to be removed completely.

Deodorize and Dry

Even after scrubbing out a freezer, it may have a few lingering odors left to deal with. To take care of those make up a mix of water and baking soda and thoroughly scrub down any of the smelly sections throughout the freezer.

Rinse off the mixture when you’re finished scrubbing and the area should have a more pleasant smell once finished. Wipe down all the walls and the back of the freezer with a towel to dry it off completely to finish the job.

Put it All Back

Now that the freezer is all cleaned up you can put the food back where it goes. This is a good opportunity to clean and organize the freezer a bit more as you go.

Putting in a bit of hard work when cleaning the freezer can make it more pleasant to use and make it much more appealing to look at in the future. As long as a freezer keeps running good and you keep it cleaned regularly you won’t have to worry about upgrading to something new.

When you run into issues with poor cooling or when the device begins to look outdated you can make an upgrade using a reliable appliance provider such as Faulkner’s Appliance Centre to get you the equipment you need.